Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The boyfriend and I went shopping yesterday and today for some goodies for the house.  We found a rug I'd been eyeing for a while now on sale for $64.00.  It had originally been ninety some.  He picked up a perfect size little coffee table for $24.00, and we picked up a cute pumpkin harvest votive candle holder, as well. 

Today we found some very cute Halloween haunted house candle sleeves and picked those up, too.  Khols is getting ready to have a HUGE sale, and I found a cute handbag that I wanted that was going on sale.  So, while we were there today, I looked around for it.  I found the tiny crossbody bag (which, I realize are very "in" this season, but the chances of me fitting all my stuff in this tiny bag are small and none), but the full size bag wasn't in sight.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  Here's the bag I was looking for: Krista Shopper

I guess I will wait and see if it turns up in the next couple days. 


We have a ghost tour this weekend and some shopping before we leave out for that.  I have quite a bit to do the next couple of days, so if I'm not around, you know why!

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